RealMoney Radio Mailbag: Save Your Money!

A listener learns whether a options trading seminar is worth the money.
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Jim, I saw an options trading seminar that costs $4,000. Are these worth the money?-- Kanu

Jim Cramer

: I personally don't believe it makes sense to spend that much money on any kind of seminar. I believe those interested in trading options are better off starting out reading books on the subject, and then slowly dipping their toes into actual trading. Options by nature can be very high-risk instruments so one must tread carefully when dealing with them.

What does "sell the news" mean?-- Christina from Boston

Jim Cramer

: "Sell the news" is what happens when everyone expects something positive to happen, so a stock gets bid up in anticipation. When the event actually happens, the stock will sell off as everyone attempts to cash in at the same time.

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