RealMoney Radio Mailbag: Pay for Performance

Cramer weighs in on high CEO salaries.
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Jim, do you think that CEOs make too much money?-- Juan from New York

Jim Cramer

: It depends on how well a company is doing. If a chief executive is doing a great job and delivering shareholder value, then I don't have a problem with him/her making a ton of dough. I'll use Dick Fuld, CEO of

Lehman Brothers


, as an example. He made $29 million in 2005 -- a lot of money by any standard of pay -- but the company did very well and the stock was up nearly 50% for the year.

What do you think about investing in Iraqi dinars?-- Dan from Brooklyn

Jim Cramer

: I pride myself on knowing as much about as many different types of investments as possible, but unfortunately at this time I have no opinion on the direction of the Iraqi currency.

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