RealMoney Radio Mailbag: No Love From Tony Soprano

Cramer tells a listener that product placement on the hit show won't help Jamba Juice, but that Oprah's star power could boost a stock.
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Do you think that Jamba Juice product placement on Sunday's episode of The Sopranos will move the stock higher?-- Josh from New York

Jim Cramer

: Unfortunately, I don't believe that the product placement will have much affect on the fortunes of

Services Acquisitions Corp.


, which owns Jamba Juice. There wasn't much volume in the stock on Monday, and most investors probably don't even know that Jamba is owned by a publicly-traded entity. If the stock was going to make a serious move on this product placement, it probably would have happened already.

For investors looking for product placement that can move a stock higher, I recommend watching the Oprah Winfrey show.

Is Honda Motor (HMC) - Get Report worth owning?-- Reg from California

Jim Cramer

: I believe Honda is a very solid stock to own for the long-term. I also believe that American carmakers are going to continue losing market share, especially as production gets cut back, and Honda will easily sop up some of that share.

Along with


(TM) - Get Report

, Honda has succeeded by emphasizing product quality, and that has resonated strongly with consumers. On top of that, with gasoline prices so high, Honda's fuel-efficient models will be in strong demand this summer.

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