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RealMoney Radio Mailbag: Investing 101

A listener learns the short story on long calls.

Editor's note: The following are questions received from listeners of "RealMoney Radio." To send Cramer a question about topics from his radio show, click here. Listen to Cramer's latest radio show by clicking here.

What do you mean when you say you are long a stock?-- John from Florida

James J. Cramer

: When I say I am long a stock, it just means that I own it and will therefore benefit if the price goes up.

What do you think of the cable television technology companies like OpenTV (OPTV) ?-- Kevin from New York

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James J. Cramer

: I am not a fan of this sector, because I believe that most of the time selling to the cable companies is an extremely tough business.

In addition, there are very few cable companies to begin with, so the addressable market isn't very big.

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