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RealMoney Radio Mailbag: Follow the Ad Money

A listener get a clear answer about whether newspaper stocks are a buy.

Editor's Note: The following are questions received from listeners of "RealMoney Radio." To send Cramer a question about topics from his radio show, click here. Listen to Cramer's latest radio show by clicking here.

Jimbo, tell me about the newspaper stocks like Washington Post (WPO) . Are they a buy?-- Kenny from Staten Island, N.Y.

James J. Cramer:

I am not a fan of the newspaper stocks. The only real advertising growth is happening on the Web and is coming out of the hide of traditional media companies like the old-line newspapers.



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, which I own for my charitable trust,

ActionAlertsPLUS, and



are the forerunners in this movement and are taking share away from the newspapers.

Keep in mind that both of these stocks are expensive, but long-term I believe they are good bets on this trend.