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Editor's note: The following are questions received from listeners of "RealMoney Radio." To send Cramer a question about topics from his radio show, click here. Listen to Cramer's latest radio show by clicking here.

What do you think about individuals investing in the foreign exchange markets?-- Jim from New York

Jim Cramer

: Foreign exchange is not a good choice for novice investors due to the complex economic issues involved in currency moves.

Moreover, to make money in foreign exchange, one must often invest through a highly leveraged account. This can be dangerous as a small move in the markets can lead to heavy losses.

Is accounting a good major for college students interested in working on Wall Street?-- Jed from Michigan

Jim Cramer

: I believe that accounting is an excellent major for any college student interested in working on Wall Street, especially when it comes to the research side of the business. Accounting may not be the most fun subject on campus, but a strong accounting background is a must for really getting into the nitty-gritty of tearing apart financial statements.

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