"Get on board with


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," Jim Cramer urged listeners on his

"RealMoney" radio show Monday.

This company "is doing every single thing right," he said. In fact, if people bought one share of Google this morning, they would be up $20 already, Cramer said.

"Google is the eight-ton gorilla in the room that is crushing the competition and is the stock every mutual fund will have to own by the end of the year," he said. "Mutual funds want winners, and the winner for the last three years has been Google."

And on "an apples-to-apples basis" Google is cheaper than


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Whole Foods


, Cramer said.

"Get a share or two," he advised. "Get on the Google train where the next stop is $500. All aboard!"

Google was recently trading at $482.

"The market is back up, and it's making people money again," Cramer said, adding that the time is right to be in the market now because it is not finished going up.


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said today it is going to slow its rate of growth, but this is a good thing because the retail chain can take the time to make its existing stores better, he said.

"It is showing signs of life," he said. "Despite my misgivings about Wal-Mart, it could be headed up."

In addition,


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, which has been experiencing sales gains, is "headed right to $50," Cramer said.

Coca-Cola was recently trading at $47.13.

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