We have a special offer just for college students.

RealMoney is our subscription Web site that covers investment and trading opportunities as they happen during the trading day.We have everything on RealMoney -- from blogs to stock specific articles -- and we want to introduce you to the site and to investing in general.

By contacting us via email at

collegetour@thestreet.com, you may receive RealMoney free until May 31, 2007. Our only requirement is that you have an email address that ends in .edu.

This is our invitation to come check out what TheStreet.com has to offer. I believe that you will enjoy RealMoney and learn a lot about investing -- it's especially a great gift for students in college-sponsored investing clubs.

So if you're student, check us out, or if you know of a student who might benefit from RealMoney, tell them about this great offer.

David Morrow is editor-in-chief of TheStreet.com. In keeping with TSC's editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks, though he owns stock in TheStreet.com. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. He appreciates your feedback;

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