Climate change and rising seas may kill the dream of buying a private island someday, but today isn't that day.

Whether you're a Baby Boomer who grew up watching Gilligan's Island and thinking "I could go for shipwrecking the Minnow right about now" or a Millennial who sees DJ Khaled's video for "I'm The One" and thinks a private island may be the best way to get Quavo (or a lesser member of Migos) to your house, a private island is still an option for homebuyers.

Granted, the "private island" that comes to mind when you think of that phrase may be somewhat less attainable. If you want to live on a Great Lake, on an island in an intercoastal, somewhere in the Prince Edward Islands or just between Connecticut and Long Island on the Long Island Sound, that might be an attainable dream. If you'd rather have an archipelago all to yourself in the Caribbean or South Pacific, you'd best get cracking on the latest technological advance, or pop hit.

It takes a lot of cash just to have an island wired and plumbed enough for you to live there. It takes extraordinary amounts of money to get all of that infrastructure -- not to mention actual structures and the equipment needed to build them -- out to that island. If you want to hire enough labor to finish that project in enough time for you to enjoy the place, that's going to get costly as well.

The folks at luxury marketplace James Edition know this and keep private islands in a portfolio of some of the priciest real estate on the planet. The buy-in price of their private islands starts north of $1 million -- and that's if you like skating home from the mainland in Sweden. If you want an island that's somewhere warm, private and already teeming with amenities, get ready to spend seven figures.

With James Edition's help, we found 10 private islands just waiting for someone with the right temperament and net worth to call them home.