NEW YORK (AP) — Some questions to consider if your employer makes you a buyout offer:

1. How old are you and how long will your money have to last? Will the lump sum be enough to cover your mortgage and other household expenses?

2. Do you think you will be able to get another job, or will you have to rely on this money to get you through retirement?

3. How good are you at managing money? Will you be tempted to spend a big chunk of a lump-sum payment, or are you disciplined enough to put it away?

4. Are you comfortable with making investment decisions, knowing that you'll have to rely on this money for your long-term living expenses? Do you have or do you think you can find a financial adviser you can work with?

5. How will your health care expenses be paid?

6. Is your pension fund fully funded? Are there any concerns about the long-term health of the program? How healthy is the industry your company is in?

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