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Forget about dodge ball and the evil Internets, the real danger threatening the youth of America may be a pink Ouija board.

Fox News recently reported that some Christians are decrying Ouija, a game that lets people ask spirits questions about life.  "All Christians should know, well everyone should, that it's opening up a person to attack, spiritually," Stephen Phelan, the director of Human Life International told Fox News. "Christians shouldn't use it."

According to Fox News, “Phelan also noted that the pink version of the game is explicitly marketed to young girls who may want to partake in ‘something dangerous’ during a late-night sleepover.”

When asked to defend it, Hasbro, the game’s manufacturer, said “Ouija is simply a game.” Other Web sites have also risen up to rebuke claims to destroy the game. From Jezebel: “[B]anning pink portals to the other side is a bit much, no? Ouija boards have been around for years, and pink packaging or no pink packaging, they're a slumber party staple.”

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And just as a side note here, something tells me that if there are really spirits, they wouldn’t want to waste their time answering a bunch of questions about Zac Efron and annoying parents. Of course, I haven’t actually been to a slumber party, so I guess I’ll never know for sure what it is teenage girls talk about there.

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