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Personal Finance Focus: Credit card perks, saving on car repairs

Among the best personal finance and retirement stories from TheStreet this week: credit card perks, boosting your brain health and organizing vital records.

Like most people, you almost certainly are not enjoying that hoped for and much-needed summer vacation. Even if you and your family are not in the office or in school, it doesn't feel like a day at the beach, does it?

But we have some stories on TheStreet's Personal Finance section this week that might make it a little better. Top of my list is our gallery of great places to live if you can work from anywhere: by the ocean, near the mountains, in historic cities along beautiful rivers. So, maybe no big trips this year, but we can dream.

Also, check out ways to save on minor car repairs and how to unearth the treasures of your credit card perks buried in the fine print.

Best Places to Live if You Can Work From Anywhere in a Post-Covid World: Barbados, anyone? If your company is letting you work remotely -- long-term, part-time, permanently -- here are some interesting and unusual places to live in a post-COVID-19 work world. 

5 Credit Card Perks You May Have Overlooked: From price guarantees and cellphone protection to extended warranties and exclusive discounts, there's a treasure of perks with almost every credit card. That's another good reason to read the fine print.

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How to Safely Organize Important Documents—and How Long to Keep Them: Face it, the shoebox system doesn't work. The best system is one you'll stick with, and that helps you find documents efficiently.

How to get the maximum Social Security Benefits: In Robert Powell's Retirement Daily, as reader asks about the details of getting the biggest benefit possible when they turn 70.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Little Car Fixes: Car owners often overpay, sometimes by hundreds of dollars, to solve problems they could easily fix themselves. 

Why You Should Take Required Minimum Distributions For 2020: RMDs are not required for 2020 under the CARES Act, but it may pay to go against the grain this year and take RMDs from tax-deferred accounts, Robert Powell writes in Retirement Daily.