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MainStreet aims to bring you a summary of the best personal finance content from around the web. After harvesting the vastly expanding personal finance blogosphere, MainStreet thinks you should check these out:

Bargaineering shows how expensive it can be when you delay filing your taxes.

The Weakonomist has a great post on the Clever Dude blog about how Hip-Hop music can teach money lessons to Americans.

BargainBabe offers some helpful advice on how to speak with a real live human customer service rep.

MoneyNing has a life-changing guest post on the My Wife Quit Her Job blog about giving up his $100k salary.

Moolanomy wants to teach you the very effective Cash Envelope Budgeting System.

Bible Money Matters reminds us to make our estimated self employment tax payments.

A Money Lady ranked the 10 best iPhone finance applications.

Free Money Finance posits that perhaps Nicolas Cage is not the best personal finance role model.

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