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MainStreet aims to bring you a summary of the best personal finance content from around the web. After harvesting the vastly expanding personal finance blogosphere, MainStreet thinks you should check these out:

Bargain Babe explores what really happens when you stop mortgage payments and walk away from a home.

Bible Money Matters is getting a jump on next year’s returns by adjusting a paycheck's tax withholding.

Reddit Frugal is a great resource for the latest ways to cut down your spending.

Frugal Dad discusses one of his biggest money mistakes.

Free Money Finance looks at what some people have done with their sudden wealth.

Five Cent Nickel wants you to protect yourself from identity theft and e-mail scams.

Bargaineering answers the age-old question, “How do I pick the best credit card?”

Tip’d , a business and personal finance-themed social media site, just launched a bevy of cool new 2.0 features.

Get Rich Slowly wants you to know about the subtle power of product packaging.

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