MainStreet aims to bring you a summary of the best personal finance content from around the web. After harvesting the vastly expanding personal finance blogosphere, MainStreet thinks you should check these out:

Bill Shrink visually broke down the cost of owning a new iPhone 3G S vs. the Palm Pre vs. the Android G1.

My Life ROI questions whether Suze Orman is equipped to educate us on personal finance.

Bargaineering presents some stock market investing tips for recent college grads.

Free Money Finance proposes the most useful thing students can do to prepare for the job market.

TheStreet Recommends

Get Rich Slowly wonders if you should write “SEE ID” or sign your credit cards.

Consumerist realizes when restaurants leave off currency symbols, patrons spend more.

Bargain Babe asks, “Are delivered groceries a deal?”

Man Vs Debt reviews the ‘pay off debt’ iPhone app.

Wise Bread looks at how to reduce your rent.

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