MainStreet aims to bring you a summary of the best personal finance content from around the web. After harvesting the vastly expanding personal finance blogosphere, MainStreet thinks you should check these out:

WiseBread compiled a great list of 64 funny, inspiring and stupid money quotes from famous people.

MoneyNing tackles the debate over making your own wedding invitations.

Man Vs. Debt has a mega-post of reader feedback showing what they are willing to spend extra money on.

Get Rich Slowly takes a look at tips for ‘travel hacking’ and seeing the world on the cheap.

BargainBabe lists some great online auction sites not including eBay.

My Life ROI figures out which tax records you should keep and for how long.

Bargaineering analyzes why you should monitor your credit score frequently.

Free Money Finance explains to recent college grads the right perspective for their first job hunt.

The Simple Dollar weighs the cost of renting a vehicle for a long road trip rather than using your family car.

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