We have some major happenings around the site starting today.

In keeping with our tradition of writing tough, in-your-face articles, we're showcasing our investigative reporters -- and their talents for probing and hectoring -- by introducing an ongoing series of Special Reports.

Our debut

offering -- by Adam Feuerstein -- appears on


now. During the past several months, Adam has followed


-- a small biotech company in Massachusetts -- and its impending launch of a blood substitute, Hemopure. Biotech companies usually need only six months to release late-stage safety data but Biopure has taken more than a year to finish its research on Hemopure.

What's going on at Biopure? Plenty. Adam, a financial journalist for 12 years, offers this: "Investors need to know more about Biopure than company executives are letting on."

Don't miss Adam's Special Report, which casts doubt on whether Hemopure will be coming out at all.

Our second big event debuts today.

And I mean big.

Ben Stein, the famed Hollywood actor and financial journalist, joins us to write "Reality Test," a weekly

column on the economy and markets that will appear every Wednesday morning.

Most of you know Ben as the cranky schoolteacher in

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

or as the star of his own game show -- "Win Ben Stein's Money" on

Comedy Central

. Actually, that's where I met him, too. I interviewed him three years ago for a

New York Times


We've stayed in touch and Ben was excited about the opportunity to write for us.

What many of you don't know about Ben is that prior to his career as an actor, he was a columnist for

The Wall Street Journal

and a White House speechwriter for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Ben's one of the best financial journalists around, and I'm proud to have him writing for us. Ben's first four columns will appear on


, our flagship site, and


, our premium site. But after that, Ben's articles will appear only on




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