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More than a million students are expected to take the SAT this year. Some may be able to spend for a private tutor, for the rest of us there’s a cornucopia of places on the Web that can help with SAT preparation for a lot less money. (Some are even free.)

The not-for-profit College Board association, which administers the standard SAT test (in addition to the AP exam), has the “Official SAT Online Course” a four month-long tutorial. This online course provides interactive lessons, personalized scoring and practice questions for $69.95.

Another place to look is the Princeton Review . They have free online practice tests and a locator for students interested in free strategy sessions, practice tests and classes. There’s even an application called “Word du Jour,” or word of the day, that allows you to challenge friends on Facebook.

Other online Web sites include Test Prep Review , Online Test Preparation , and Prep Me . All of these sites offer a host of practice test questions online.

If you still want more personalized prep attention, consider courses at local schools. Numerous high schools offer test prep for free. Check with a guidance counselor on courses or after-school programs designed to help students improve scores. And good luck!