What's your line? After-hours trading? IPOs? Options? We asked readers in


Online Broker Survey 2000

to rate brokers on 18 different features, and here you'll see how they rate on each one. These charts give the brokers' scores on each feature and how the brokers rank when compared with one another. The scores were out of 30, with 30 as excellent, 20 as good, 10 as average, zero as poor.

You'll see separate charts for our League A and League B brokers. The League A brokers received more than 650 votes each, and the League B brokers got between 72 and 312. We separated the brokers into two leagues because the bigger sample size makes the League A figures that much more reliable. Plus, it's a fairer comparison. It's a lot easier to service customers, for example, when you've got fewer of them! For further explanation of the numbers in these charts, see our

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League A rankings

League A scores

League B rankings

League B scores

Informative provided the technology to conduct this survey.