Oil's Down But Gas Prices Remain Volatile

MainStreet analyzes the cost of gasoline across the U.S.
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Riding the Gasoline Roller Coaster

The cost of a barrel of oil recently dropped to around $70, which is half of what it cost in July. But that doesn't mean that gasoline price relief is universal across the U.S. To learn why some Americans pay more to fill up than others, click here:

Gas Prices


Homeowner's Guide to Mail Scams and Savings

Home sale documents become public records as soon as the property title is transferred, making a new home owner the perfect target for direct marketers. As the "important notices" start streaming in, it's challenging to determine what you might need and what you can toss. Here's MainStreet's guide to junk mailings and offers that can save you money:

Homeowner Tips


Bernanke Supports Second Stimulus, Do You?

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has endorsed a second stimulus package, and President Bush said he is not opposed to the notion. MainStreet rounds up who's pushing for, or against, another round of checks for taxpayers. Click here:

Stimulus Checks


How to Recession-Proof the Holidays

More than a third of Americans plan to spend less this holiday season than in 2007. MainStreet offers some ways to keep to that promise. Click here:

Holiday Tips