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Oil Will Ramp Again

Energy fund manager Tim Guinness believes that oil is headed to $85 a barrel in the next three years.

Is the energy rally tapped out?

Energy shares, as represented by the

Select Sector Energy SPDR

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exchange-traded index fund, are down more than 5% since early September as the price of oil has skidded from more than $70 a barrel to less that $56. As a result, many market-watchers are proclaiming that the bull market in oil-pproducing companies is over.

Don't top off that tank just yet, says Tim Guinness, manager of the

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Guinness Atkinson Global Energy fund. Guinness believes that oil prices are only taking a breather down here and are headed up to $85 a barrel in the next three years due to an increase in demand and a slowing of supply.

And, of course, he expects the big oil producers to follow especially diversified companies like


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And if you want to talk about run-ups, Guinness' fund is up 55% year to date compared with 32% for the average energy mutual fund, according to fund tracker Morningstar.

Guinness stopped by

to drill down on the future of oil prices.

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