Obama Ditches Jury Duty - TheStreet

He’s got two wars to manage, an economy that’s limping along and an eroding majority in Washington. But now Obama has to serve on a jury too?

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the 44th President was asked to come in for jury duty at a local courthouse in Bridgeview, Ill. near the Obama’s home. The White House reportedly notified the court that Obama would be unable to make it. No reason was given.

Obama has preached in the past that every American must do their part to help the country. However, it should come as no surprise that Obama himself has more important things to do than hanging around a courthouse all day waiting to be called on.

Yet, other politicians and celebrities have served on juries. Rudy Giuliani made news in 1999 when he spent a week as the foreman of a jury while still mayor of New York. Those who served on the jury with him later reported that Giuliani was remarkably “unpretentious and friendly.” PoliticsDaily notes George W. Bush was also summoned while in office, but was “let off the hook.” However, former President Clinton was actually prepared to sit on a jury for a case involving “a gang-related shooting” back in 2003, but the judge dismissed him.

There are many out there who would eagerly take Obama’s place. As MainStreet reported, unemployed Americans are flocking to jury duty because they are in desperate need of a paycheck.

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