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So, let's bottom-line this package, shall we?

After the intoxicating stock moves of 1999 and the nauseating hangover that has been 2000, many investors have given up on roller-coaster tech and Internet stocks, and sleep with shares of Old Economy Bricks and Mortar, Inc., under their pillows. But many market professionals are beaten, but unbowed, and are still placing bets that a few New Economy stocks will continue to climb -- for the short term, at least.

With that in mind, we gathered a quartet of experts to offer their best tech stock pick for the next six months. We picked two


columnists --

Halsey Advisory's

Tero Kuittinen


Don Luskin

. We also tapped two mutual fund managers:

Bob Turner


Turner Funds


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TheStreet Recommends

Alan Loewenstein

, co-manager of the


John Hancock Technology fund.

We'll check back six months from today to see how their three picks turned out.

Three picks, you say? That's right. Two experts picked one stock:

Sonus Networks


, which, by the way, develops voice infrastructure products.

The other picks rounding out the six-month projected winners are





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