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Ever feel like your co-workers use so much jargon they might as well be speaking a different language? You’re not alone., a new online tool, promises to help frustrated workers translate “terrible business jargon” back into plain English. The service currently has a modest but growing dictionary of phrases and terms that your boss probably spits out on a daily basis, from more common utterances like “brainchild” (translation: idea or product) to more complicated ones like “realize negative gains” (translation: accept losses).

We tested the service out by imputing phrases from our roundup of the most annoying business buzzwords. All in all, the service currently has definitions for about half of them, including “low-hanging fruit” (translation: easy goal), “circle back” (translation: discuss later) and perhaps the worst of all, “synergize” (translation: work with others).

If a piece of jargon isn’t currently in the directory, the site lets users submit it, along with their definition and a sentence in which it can be used. Several users seem to have taken advantage of that already, and one submitted the word “refudiate,” which isn’t really business jargon so much as a made-up word from Sarah Palin.

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So, the next time you’re staring blankly at an e-mail from your boss, try out the site. Hopefully, someone will build this tool for text messages and e-mails so that it automatically translates communications with your employers.

(Hat tip to @brainpicker)

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