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Sometimes new technologies pop up before we really establish guidelines for how to use them. It happened with e-mail and instant messages, and now it has happened with Facebook as well.

Who should you be friends with on Facebook? What content should you feel comfortable putting up? Without clear rules of conduct, people have made some pretty dumb mistakes. In the past, people have been fired from jobs and even evicted from their homes because they posted questionable pictures or status updates on the social network.

Earlier this week, Liberty Mutual released the results of their survey about what constitutes proper Facebook conduct. Some of the results are surprising.

More than half of those polled said it was “irresponsible” to friend a boss on Facebook, according to Reuters. However, more than three-fourths of those surveyed said it’s acceptable to be friends with other coworkers. Apparently, you should only beware the person who can fire you.

The survey also found some interesting opinions about personal relationships on Facebook. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they not only think it’s OK to be Facebook friends with their kids, they actually already are. There’s no doubt that some kids out there would have a much different opinion, and with good reason. More than 30% of parents confessed during the survey to using Facebook to “monitor” their children.

Obviously these are not hard and fast rules, but this could be a good step toward establishing a set of common sense practices for people using the site.

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