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NEW YORK (MainStreet)—This week's New Republiccover story by Rebecca Dana chronicles the rise of MSNBC from a humble channel with 24,000 primetime viewers in 1996 to a substantial liberal answer to juggernaut Fox News. For The Moola FilesTNR executive editor Greg Veis addresses the emergence of MSNBC (which took $420 milllion to get off the ground) and guides us through the dishy piece, which includes Roger Ailes's snippy accusation of nepotism against MSNBC president Phil Griffin:"I'm fond of Phil Griffin...But Let's be honest, he built his whole career out of being in Jeff Zucker's wedding party."

Of course TNR itself has been on something of a renewed trajectory since Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes bought the political weekly last March. Building the subscription base—so far a steadily successful endeavor—has been the focus of the business side of the 99-year-old magazine. That doesn't mean TNR isn't looking for top-dollar ads.

"In time we would like the book to be as thick as possible and just filled with Prada ads," Veis said. Though he delivered his comment tongue-in-cheek, he hit on the sobering challenge facing the magazine.

"Political magazines don't have a rich history of being rich," he said.