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While major technology companies like Microsoft (MSFT) (Stock Quote: MSFT) and Sonyundefined (Stock Quote: SNE) cut costs, small firms are hustling to snag market share with new products.

The National Association of Broadcasters Show, held this week in Las Vegas, brought together TV and radio professionals, Web producers and other media types to discuss audio and video technology. The event might have had fewer visitors than past years, but plenty of small companies had innovative products on display. Here are a few:

(MSFT) undefinedPolar Mobile: Toronto-based Polar Mobile has found a way to bring the latest game scores and sports statistics to your iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile device. And they do it in real time. Spend one minute with this tool and you'll never want to watch a game without Polar Mobile again.

Polar Mobile's applications are also being used to distribute other kinds of information. For example, the company has a relationship with TheStreet.comundefined (Stock Quote: TSCM).

Camera Corps: Think about all the crazy camera angles you see on TV during the Olympic Games, NASCAR races or NFL games. Chances are U.K.-based Camera Corps has a device that can create a similar shot.

This year, the company is rolling out a cheap, remote-controlled camera that's easy to use and perfect for sporting events. The new Q-Ball imaging system features a weatherproof 2-megapixel camera that shoots in either standard or high-definition formats. It weighs less than 3 pounds and can be installed both indoors and outside. That means that all those over-the-shoulder, under-the-bench camera angles you love to watch during major sports events could become available on your local networks soon.

ATG Designworks: This tiny Indiana, Pa.-based company has designed a flexible material that can display video, animated images and photos. ATG says its device, which looks like a bendable screen, could be used for books, greeting cards, packaging and emergency signs. The company plans to license its technology to other businesses.

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