NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Those struggling to find a good internship for the summer may be in luck.

The White House is partnering with executives from several prominent tech startups including Gilt Groupe, GroupMe and Onswipe to encourage software companies around the country to create at least 1,000 internship opportunities for low-income teens this summer and potentially more in the future.

The program, known as SummerQAmp, is part of a larger White House initiative called Summer Jobs+, which the Obama administration introduced earlier this year. The goal is to create 250,000 summer jobs and internships for lower-income students in industries ranging from banking to retail.

While the number of tech internship positions may seem small in comparison, the hope is that the SummerQAmp program will serve as a launching pad to make teenagers more competitive in the fast-growing tech industry. Aside from the internships, the program’s leaders have partnered with the CK-12 Foundation, a nonprofit that produces affordable education materials, to launch an online hub that raises awareness about tech opportunities for engineers, IT experts, app developers and more.

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You can find out more about the SummerQAmp program on its website and keep track of new jobs added to the Summer Jobs+ program on the Department of Labor’s website.

If you’re having trouble landing an internship for the summer, here are a few tricks you can use to still get the experience you want on your resume.

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