Now everything's working. Now we are in true bull market status, where people realize that the Fed's cuts are going to help even the techs.

With the breakout of the troika -- the heavily cyclical






-- we are going to see a real run into the summer months. When these stocks move, managers will simply be scrambling to put money to work.

The rest of the quarter could become one rocking push into equities and out of cash as cash becomes trash and equities become king.

I wish I could be more guarded and hedge more. I wish I could give you three caveats so that I can be like so many other talking heads and say, if it doesn't go higher, "Look I said all of these things have to work out and they didn't, so I didn't cost you anything."

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But I am naked in my affection for this tape. The conclusion, obviously, of


selling of Cisco, coupled with the recognition that business is indeed upticking at last, means that the last legs of the bear are being cut off at the knees. Any decline from here would be like a huge present to those who still have cash.

I have my fingers crossed that some strategist finds some extraneous reason to hate this market so I can do a little more buying at lower prices. I doubt I will get my chance. The shorts are the only supply, and they haven't been seen in days on the



This weekend, as I was hiking with my girls in the Wickecheokee forest in central Jersey, a woman told me that she had spotted a black bear not more than a half mile from where we were overturning rocks looking for snakes and frogs. I asked her what the bear was doing. She said it was tearing west as fast as it could, alternately hiding and running for its life.

I loved the metaphor.

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