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Attention investors, there is no such thing as a stupid mutual fund question. Even the pros need a refresher course once in a while.

Whether it's due to embarrassment over their lack of financial knowledge or because they are simply overwhelmed by the mountain of resources available, a large percentage of people are still too inhibited to ask basic questions about fund investing.

Unfortunately, those inhibitions end up costing them dearly because time does in fact equal money in the long run when you consider lost dividends and growth opportunities.

With that in mind,

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asked Andrew Clark, senior research analyst at fund-tracker Lipper, to get back to basics with us and answer questions such as:

Are index funds right for you?

How much should I pay for a fund?

How many funds should you own?

Clark answers those as well as a few other classic questions you may have always wanted to ask, but for some reason never got around to.

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