The Most Sinful Cities in America

The overall rankings of these cities were based on data related to things such as hate groups, mass shootings, crime, smoking, drinking, gambling, greed, adult entertainment, vanity and laziness.

Everyone has their vices. Some cities more than others. Crime and violence is always a concern in cities. Addiction is a costly and serious problem in the U.S., whether it is alcohol, smoking, gambling, sex, opioids or other drugs.

It may not surprise you that Las Vegas tops the list of sinful cities overall, based on a study by personal finance site WalletHub. They compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 37 indicators. The data set ranges from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to adult entertainment establishments per capita.

While the vices of Vegas may not raise an eyebrow, a few other interesting facts rise to the top. The city of Worcester, Mass. turns out to have the lowest charitable donations as a percent of income of all of the cities. Madison, Wis. takes the prize for most excessive drinking, and Huntington, W.V., for the least excessive drinking.

The city that comes out the cleanest is Burlington, Vt. But they probably have their fun, too.

Based on WalletHub's data, these are the most sinful cities in the U.S, broken down by the various transgressions.