NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Are you a results-oriented team player with a proven track record as a problem solver?

So is everyone else on LinkedIn.

The professional networking site today released its list of the most overused “buzzwords” from users’ profiles, and the report reads like a laundry list of résumé clichés. Topping the list for American users was “extensive experience,” followed by such stalwarts as “innovative,” “motivated” and “results-oriented.”

The company’s analytics team also explored the most popular profile terms for users in other countries as well. Canadians shared Americans’ emphasis on experience, while Brazilians sought to communicate to potential employers that they were “dynamic.” And over in Europe, the French, Germans, Italians and Dutch all liked to emphasize how “innovative” they are.

Here’s the full list of overused Buzzwords by LinkedIn users in the U.S.:

1.     Extensive experience
2.     Innovative
3.     Motivated
4.     Results-oriented
5.     Dynamic
6.     Proven track record
7.     Team player
8.     Fast-paced
9.     Problem solver
10.   Entrepreneurial

If your LinkedIn profile or résumé includes more than a couple of these words, you might want to consider using more original language to set yourself apart from the crowd. And be sure to check out MainStreet’s list of other costly résumé mistakes.

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