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These days, being in a crowded city might understandably make you into a bit of a germophobe.

It’s not easy to practice social distancing in a crowded urban area. With the spread of the coronavirus across the globe, we may wonder how busy American cities, with their crowded streets, subways, parks and other public spaces, might get back to work safely. Will New York City, the country's epicenter of the disease, ever be the same?

But in the U.S., cities aren’t as densely populated as in many parts of the world, in fact, no U.S city appears on this list.

While large metros are showing a higher death rate for Covid-19, rural areas are not immune, Bloomberg reported, pointing out the many other geographical factors that play into the spread of the virus, including economics, demographics, response to the pandemic, quality and availability of healthcare, influx of tourists, and transportation. In fact, there are striking differences between San Francisco and New York City in the spread of the virus as Brookings discusses in a comparison of the two. And some crowded urban areas, such as Taiwan, have been remarkably successful in containing the virus.

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Data on population density for this list is from 2014, unless otherwise noted, and comes from Our World in Data, a project of the Global Change Data Lab, which uses United Nations data. Populations are from World Population Review. Population density is defined by the number of people per square kilometer, but rankings can vary depending whether the actual city limits are used vs. urbanized area.

These are the most densely populated cities in the world – click on the gallery to see them all. 

1 dhaka bangladesh MissRuby : Shutterstock
2 mumbai india Kobby Dagan : Shutterstock
3 hong kong sh
4 Surat, India sh
5 Ahmedabad india Kunal Mehta :
6 kinshasa dr congo Ben Heine : Shutterstock
7 Bogata colombia mehdi33300 : Shutterstock
8 alexandria egypt sh
9 Abidjan ivory coast freeejournalist : Shutterstock
10  manila aldarinho : Shutterstock
11 nigeria lagos Ogunpitan Adeyemi : Shutterstock.
12 bandung Indonesia sh
13 India calcutta kolkata Herr Petroff : Shutterstock
14 new delhi india Manish Jaisi : Shutterstock
15 pakistan lahore M Selcuk Oner : Shutterstock.
16 lima peru sh
17 pune india Biro Iosif Ionut : Shutterstock
18 singapore sh
19 Seoul korea DiegoMariottini : Shutterstock
20 busan skorea sh
21 tehran iran Matyas Rehak : Shutterstock
22 istanbul sh
23 Mexico City sh
24 baghdad iraq  rasoulali : Shutterstock
25 chennai india Jayakumar : Shutterstock
26 jakarta indonesia AsiaTravel : Shutterstock
27 Harbin china aphotostory : Shutterstock
28 yangon myanmar burma Sean Pavone : Shutterstock
29 cairo egypt Mahmoud Haikal : Shutterstock.
30 nairobi kenya Authentic travel : Shutterstock