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I know it’s technically still a buyer’s market, but this is just ridiculous. The state of Wyoming is giving away several homes on a first-come, first-served basis.

The homes are all on a piece of property that used to be owned by a Safeway before that particular store went out of business. Now the property is owned by the state and they are eager to clear the land to make room for a government building.

Each of the houses is being offered for $0, but there are a few caveats. According to The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “You do have to pay to move them and accept any liabilities that come with the structures, which have sat abandoned for more than half of a decade.”

For now, anyone interested in taking advantage of this giveaway is asked to come and sign up on a list. “As soon as we get direction from the Attorney General’s office on the conditions and requirements of that giveaway, we’ll proceed from there by contacting each of the people on the list,” said Ian Catellier, the project manager for the state’s construction division. He told us that there are five to seven homes being offered in total.

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So are people flooding across state lines to snatch up the deal? “So far, about ten or so people have put their names on the list,” Catellier said, and all of them have been from around the area. When the state does begin contacting the people on the list, Catellier says each will be require to prove they have the “financial capability” to hire a mover and get insurance on the house. But the state is operating on a strict time limit here. Any homes still on the land Aug. 6 will be demolished.

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