By Kristi Davis

Adding a wine cellar can help your home’s value when you resell your home, and it’s one of the best ways to showcase your treasured bottles of wine.  You can add a wine cellar anywhere in your home — all you have to do is to find an available space where you can store your collection. You’d be surprised at what you can do with those spaces. Here are a few ideas:

Dining Room Wine Displays
What better place to show off your wine collection than in the place where you wine and dine? If you want to enjoy those lovely lunches and dinners with family and friends surrounded by wine, then a dining room wine display is perfect. Wine racks built into your dining area make a great conversation piece, not to mention make your wine bottles very accessible. You don’t want to run out of wine at the dinner table of course, but in case you do, you don’t have to run to the basement or wine room on the other side of your house to get another bottle. Whether your wines are enclosed in a glass wine cabinet or openly displayed in individual wine storage racks, dining wine displays are a great addition to your home.

Closet Transformation
Ahh, closet wine cellars. Space constraints shouldn’t stop you from building your very own space for wine, and closets transformed into wine rooms prove that.  As long as you have an excellent designer who can maximize your closet space, a proper refrigeration system in place and nice, minimal lighting, you’re good to go. As for the wine racks, why, you can enjoy the wine rack styles and wood types you see in larger wine rooms too. Just remember, space is no reason NOT to build a wine cellar. No matter how small your space for your wine bottles, wine cellar designers can custom build a perfect closet wine cellar for you.

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Tasting Rooms and Home Bars
So you love those fabulous wine displays in your favorite bars and restaurants? Well the good news is, you can build one in your own home. Have fun playing around with the design, because you can incorporate several wine room elements when you build a home bar. In fact, what we love about tasting rooms and home bars is that you can combine all the great elements of great wine rooms such as individual storage racks and bulk storage bins, mesh cabinets, elegant archways with a hanging wine glass rack and shiny, functional table tops. Having your very own tasting room and/or home bar will surely make your wine tasting experience and bonding moments with family and friends more memorable.

Under Stairwell Transformations
Clueless as to what to do with that extra real estate under the stairs? Turn it into a wine storage area! All that extra space under the staircase could  use a transformation, and a wine display area would be perfect. In this case you can get really creative with the design, since your wine cellar designer can create a unique look for you. Wine racks of different shapes and sizes, angled or curved corners and racks of varying heights and widths can be put together nicely to fit your space to achieve a truly custom look. You really can’t allow all that space under the stairs to just stay bare, so if there’s no other space in the house for a wine cellar, under the stairs is the perfect place to show off your wine collection.

Basement Wine Cellars
Basements don’t have to simply store extra junk, or remain as a tornado shelter.  For centuries, wine bottles were stored in dark, damp caves to be aged well, but nowadays the substitute for those perfect conditions in caves is your home basement. That’s right – because it’s dark down there and away from sunlight, the home basement is the best place to store your wines. With today’s modern wine refrigeration systems, excellent wine cellar lighting and wood choices that last for years, building a wine cellar in the basement is the ideal for the wine enthusiast who seeks nothing but the best storage system for his/her wines. If you have a more spacious basement, the better, because the possibilities are endless when it comes to wine cellar design!

Garage Renovations
No basement, no closet and no spare room for a wine cellar? Turn to your garage! It is also a wonderful option for building a wine cellar in your home because you have plenty of space. Plenty of space means more freedom in your wine cellar design, and that means you can turn your garage into the wine room of your dreams. Why, you can turn it into a place not only for storing wines, but for gathering friends and family as well. Just throw in some fabulous tables and chairs, and you can have your wine tasting party right there. Just like the basement, a  garage-turned-wine cellar offers endless design possibilities, from your wine cellar doors, to your wine racks and even your flooring and ceiling!

Kristi Davis is the Interactive Marketing Manager for Wine Cellar Innovations, a manufacturer of wine racks and designer of custom wine cellars. She enjoys seeing excited wine lovers create the wine cellar of their dreams and watching that dream go from paper to reality.