SEATTLE (Zillow)—With spring rapidly approaching and longer, lighter days ahead, you’re likely anxious to renew and refresh. Here are some projects to consider:

Remodel your home

Jump on the remodeling bandwagon! For inspiration, look no further than Zillow Digs (free on iPad and the Web), where you can browse tens of thousands of photos and get estimated costs.

Get new doors/windows

Bonus: If you make energy-efficient improvements, you’ll not only save money long term, but you might additionally qualify for tax credits.


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In many areas of the country, the best days for big painting projects are in the spring, when you can finally open the windows (rejoice!) without cold, uncomfortable drafts coming in. Why not give your home a whole new look with fun, vibrant colors to get you in the spirit for summer?!

Wipe out your closet

Are there things in there that you haven’t worn in two years? You know the rule: Toss! Consider selling to consignment or donating to charity and taking the tax break.

Organize your home office

A survey by Brother International shows that most office workers spend 30 minutes each week hunting for paperwork on a disorganized desk. Having a system will not only save you time and alleviate the stress, but likely save you money, too, as being sloppy typically results in things like late fees, higher interest rates and penalty rate increases.

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