Each week MainStreet takes a look at what we call Extreme Real Estate. This week we bring you: These Houses Are the Bomb.

It’s not unusual for homebuyers to make a list of features they require and desire in any home they purchase. Some need four bedrooms;  others want a gourmet kitchen or to be located in a top ranked school district. And some want their homes to be able to safely harbor them in the event of a nuclear or biochemical attack.

Fortunately for those folks, it’s possible to purchase decommissioned missile launch sites that can be or are already converted to heavily reinforced private residences. Ed Peden, who lives with his wife Dianna in a refurbished missile site near Topeka, Kan., own and operate 20th Century Castles, a company that helps to locate and broker transactions of decommissioned government sites.

Although there are a fair number of unimproved sites in the U.S. priced from a couple hundred thousand dollars to well over 2 million, there is only one known fully converted bomb-proof residence on the open market. Located in upstate New York’s Adirondack State Park, the somewhat remote property has an asking price of $2,300,000.

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The 20-acre site includes a log cabin like “surface home” that measures 2,000 square feet of open plan living with vaulted ceilings, stone accents and a wrap around porch that hides the entrance to the below ground structure.

Part of the 20,000 square foot underground structure, that which once housed the Launch Control Center, has been converted to a two-floor, 2,300 square foot residence with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and the ability to withstand a near direct nuclear hit. The actual silo, where a missile was once housed, drops nine floors into the earth and has thick concrete walls and a steel superstructure that hangs from spring suspension system designed to safely withstand a bomb blast.

The site also features an FAA approved 2,050 foot long runway, an airplane hangar, a rigorously tested water well, 200 amp electrical service, an 1,800 gallon septic tank, fiber optic lighting and high circulation venting designed to handle both every day living needs as well as those resulting from a crisis situation. Check out some more pictures here.

For more information on available missile silo sites, contact Ed Peden (785-256-6029) at 20th Century Castles, LLC.

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