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How many times have you seen a fabulous house in a movie and fantasized about living in such an amazing place? Well, you can … if you’ve got the cash. Homes seen in movies are often real houses owned by real people that sometimes come up for sale. That means deep-pocketed daydreamers and real estate-crazy moviegoers have the opportunity to actually own houses from their favorite films.

The Perfect House for Skipping School

Although officially called The Ben Rose Home after its original owner, a very contemporary house in Highland Park, Ill., is more commonly known in pop cultural circles as the house from the 1986 comedy 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off'. Currently listed at $2.3M, the .75 acre wooded property includes a sleek 5,300 sq. ft. glass-wrapped residence and an all-glass, detached garage where one of the movie's most memorable scenes takes place.

After happy-go-lucky Ferris Bueller and his pessimistic best buddy Cameron Frye spend the day joyriding around Chicago in Cameron’s father’s beloved Ferrari, they have the unwise idea to jack up the rear wheels and run the car in reverse to roll back the odometer so that Cameron’s father will not learn about the joy ride. However, all of Cameron’s fears come to fruition when the car falls off the jack and crashes through the plate glass wall, careening down into the ravine below.

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Designed and built in 1953 by noted modernist architects A. James Speyer and David Haid, the long, low and lean one-story glass box is cantilevered over a steep ravine and includes a 1,000 sq. ft. great room divided from the dining room by a multi-sided gas fireplace. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms making for plenty of room for a large modern-house-loving family. Hopefully the new owners will not have car-stealing children as precocious and naïve as Cameron and Ferris.

Click here for more photos and for additional information contact Meladee Hughes (312) 751-1717 at Sudler Sotheby’s International Realty in Chicago.

A Frank Lloyd Wright House Perfect for Androids

One of Los Angeles’ most extraordinary but unfortunately neglected architectural landmarks has recently hit the market with a toe curling asking price of $15 million. Although some shoring up and restoration work has been completed, by all estimates the Frank Lloyd Wright fixer-upper in the historic Los Feliz neighborhood will still require several to many millions more in additional work.

The Mayan inspired manse was completed in 1926 for Mabel and Charles Ennis, the owner of a successful but erstwhile clothing store and has been featured in scads of motion pictures such as the 1959 thriller 'House on Haunted Hill', 'The Day of the Locust' and 'Rush Hour'. However, the property is perhaps most remembered and identified with its 1982 spin across the silver screen in the post-apocalyptic film 'Blade Runner' with Harrison Ford.

The prominent hilltop property provides panoramic views from downtown L.A. all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The house was constructed of 20,000+ 16” x 16’ custom fabricated concrete tiles, measures in at 6,000 sq. ft. and includes 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The multilevel layout boasts original soaring wood-beamed ceilings, a window-lined loggia that surrounds the swimming pool and patio and many signature Frank Lloyd Wright features such as prairie-style leaded glass, mitered windows and a rare original glass mosaic-tile fireplace.

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The Ennis House offers the opportunity to own a house forever preserved on celluloid but also, if one's pockets are deep enough, to own a coveted and historical work of architectural art.

Click here to view more photos of the property and for additional information or to view the house contact Aaron Kirman (310) 858-5479 or Jeffrey Hyland (310) 278-3311 at Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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