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NEW YORK (MainStreet) – JC Penney is offering $20 off all purchases of $100 or more via the coupon code FUNCASH. Don’t have $100 worth of merchandise? You can use the same code to get $15 off purchases of $75 or more, or $10 off purchases of $50 or more. The code is valid through Saturday, but cannot be used on Sephora products or gift cards.

Not to be outdone, the Gap is offering $20 off purchases of more than $80 with the code GAP2080. The code expires Sunday at 11:59 EDT, and there is a list of exclusions, including jeans, Japan relief T-shirts and maternity pants. In fact, the list is pretty long – you may want to visit the site and click “see details” to read all the fine print.

Macy’s is offering an extra 20% off all men’s clothing and shoe purchases more than $100 when you use the code EXTRA20 at checkout. Of course, when we say “all” we’ve got our fingers crossed, because there’s a pretty long list of exclusions, including Tommy Hilfiger, Converse, Birkenstock and Calvin Klein underwear. Actually, it’s not quite clear what the code does apply to. We’d recommend checking out the site and clicking “details” to see the full list of exclusions so you can figure out whether your favorite brand qualifies.

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