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Mix It Up in Our New Martini Chat

In the debut of our freewheeling exchange at 5 p.m. today, you'll get to clink a glass with Lowell Edmunds, author of <I>Martini, Straight Up</I>.

How would you like to unwind this afternoon with some nice conversation and a cold drink?

We've got just what you need: our "Martini Chat," which debuts on the site at 5 p.m. today.

You'll not want to miss this. Hosted by Eric Gillin, one of our staff writers, and




commentator Chris Edmonds, the Martini Chat will begin each Thursday at 5 p.m. For an hour, Eric and Chris will get your thoughts on several business topics of the day and give you an opportunity to chat about one of your favorite pastimes, whether it be the best of college football, your car, or the ideal spots for long weekends.

Our debut chat lives up to the great Martini name: As their guest this week, Eric and Chris rap with Lowell Edmunds, the author of

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Martini, Straight Up: The Classic American Cocktail,

the book that presaged the martini revolution. You'll get the skinny on how to make a great martini, how to serve one, and the history of the drink.

One reason I'm thrilled about the Martini Chat is the opportunity to introduce you to Chris and Eric. You've read their articles, but you've never spent time with them during the after hours. Chris is more our calm fellow; but he's funny and charming just the same. Eric is, well, a little wild and on the edge. They're the perfect combo for this hour of irreverent fun.

We're making the Martini Chat one of our weekly mainstays, and hopefully you'll become a regular. The directions to the chat are easy. Come to the site every Thursday at 4:45 and click on the martini glass that's dancing on our home page. The good times begin promptly at 5.

We're trying to be interactive, but we haven't figured out a way to dole out a drink. You'll have to furnish that yourself. But after a chat with Edmunds, the martini expert, your drink should taste that much better.

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