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Want to Own Microsoft Office Forever With No Annual Fee? Here's How

To say that the company holds the keys to the kingdom for a large chunk of the business community is not an overstatement.

We've all been there.

You log into a new computer and begin checking out all its bells and whistles, only to find that the while it has some good features, it is missing one critical component — a way to use Microsoft Office.

To say that Microsoft Office holds the keys to the kingdom for a large chunk of the business community is not an overstatement.

The company did everything in its power from Microsoft Office's inception to get its various tools — Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Teams, and OneNote — into the hands of the world's office workers, and then some.

From creating new documents to giving slideshows to comments, much of corporate America, and a lot of the rest of the world, relies on Microsoft  (MSFT) - Get Microsoft Corporation Report

It has the tools it needs to communicate its vision and give employees a one-stop shop for talking, collaborating and understanding things together.

The only major snag? It requires having a valid license for Microsoft Office, a prize which can run well into the thousands of dollars for a professional license and, while slightly less for an individual, is still hundreds of dollars.

Without a license, you can't even get in the front door with Microsoft and that means no Word, no slideshows, no Teams, no ability to send email and no way to open those types of files without some serious internet sleuthing if you do receive something in that format.

Worst of all, during the pandemic teams need to be flexible and able to link up easily and instantly with each other — something that gets a lot harder if only some members of the team can use Microsoft Office.

If these sound like familiar frustrations, have we got a deal for you.

Microsoft Gets Into the Bargain Business

Right now, you can put those worries aside, at least if you have some minor credit and a hankering for Office.

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For a limited time, Microsoft is offering a professional license for Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Teams, and OneNote at a major discount, slicing about 85% off its usual pricing in an attempt to get 

What Will You Get?

The biggest part of this deal is a lifetime license to Microsoft office. If you are running it on a Windows platform, that license will be professional. If its on a Mac, it will be a Home and Business license.

The price? It is $49.99, a whopping discount from Microsoft's usual $349 price tag on the product, and the ability to do update it to newer versions as you evolve.

Another perk? You'll get free customer service as soon as you sign up — and can start using the apps instantly once you download Office.

Be Savvy About What Isn't Included

Now, there are some minor caveats. For one, you won't get Microsoft Publisher, a tool that some people live for but which doesn't usually appear in the average office worker's repertoire.

Secondly, you won't get a 2022 version of Office, because it hasn't rolled out yet — hence the clearing of the decks of 2021 versions now.

It is also important to remember that isn't a major lag, because Microsoft only recently began offering Office 2021, with most users getting it in October 2021.

Office 2022 will still be asking full price, so for the most recent version, you'd need to pay the usual several hundred dollars once it debuts.

Here's How to Get It

Still interested? So are we.

From where we're sitting, that's a pretty good deal. 

You need to visit here for a Home and Business 2021 license for Mac, and check in here for a Professional 2021 license for Windows.