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LOS ANGELES -- This mouse is a deep plum color, with smooth, slick styling and rubberized sides for an easy grip.

What I like about this mouse is that your hand rests comfortably on top without arching, so it's less likely to produce strain in the wrist. Also, there is a navigation pad on the underside that allows you to control media from up to 30 feet away!

Next, Gadget Grrl says most female mobile executives have little time to spend in the mall, let alone ponder over clothes in catalogues. is a site that assists women with the whole process of buying clothes that fit. Just enter your measurements, and it will tell you your body type and suggest flattering clothes. A big plus is that the shipping and returns are free.

But first, more on that mouse.

Kensington Media Mouse

This mouse looks and feels better than most others on the market. The 360 degree scroll wheel up top is super fast, making scrolling around a Web site a snap.

A navigation pad on the underside can control media, from up to 30 feet away. To use it, you flip the mouse over and press on the rubberized center control wheel. So you can control volume, tracks, play or pause and not have to run over to your media device.

You won't have to swap out batteries as often because the mouse goes into sleep mode when your laptop is off.

The way this site works is you enter your measurements (which generally takes about 20 minutes), and once this information is recorded, the site will let you know what body type you are. Once you know your body type, the site can then recommend clothing that will flatter when worn.

You create your own "shop" where just the clothes that fit are shown. They also take into consideration your preferences, so if you're looking for a more classic look, you won't be shown something that a high school girl might wear.

What I like about this site: the savings on gas and time. By eliminating all the time it takes to get to a store and then try on all these clothes, this is a no-brainer and a win/win for most women.

It's nice to know there is finally a place where the jeans you buy will fit the first time. Another added incentive is the free shipping and returns just in case you get it on and it's not quite what you had in mind.

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Google (STOCK QUOTE: GOOG) Translate is now available for the Apple (STOCK QUOTE: AAPL) iPhone and iTouch. With it you can translate back and forth from French to Spanish, and then from Chinese to Japanese and then bring it on home to English. This is a great tool for any business traveler.