We've made some changes in the


-Purdue Investment League.

As you may recall, the original impetus behind the League was twofold:

  • To provide readers with stock picks identified by blossoming investment brains at top business schools.
  • To pit student-run investment programs against each other in a competitive environment.

We think those goals were on target, but our monthly portfolio competitions turned out to be a bit unwieldly. As a result, we've distilled our creation to the essence.

Going forward, we're asking each program to submit one stock pick each quarter. Each pick will be a stock that the participating fund recently purchased or currently holds in its portfolio. Picks will be accompanied by detailed reports from each student manager laying out the investment case for his or her stock.

Each month, two schools' stock picks will go head-to-head. We'll check with the schools after a quarter to measure the success of their picks. At the end of two quarters, we'll see which school's picks are performing the best against their opponents -- as well as the overall market -- and declare a winner.

Our hope is that readers can glean valuable insights to bolster their own investment efforts. And who knows? Our MBA candidates just may uncover the next hidden gold mine before mainstream prospectors arrive.

In order to have a new report each month, we're dividing our participating schools into three divisions with staggered reporting schedules. Vanderbilt and Texas Christian University will start things off this month, followed by Notre Dame and Arizona in April. We'll be announcing additional participants soon.

Finally, we'll add a regular interactive component so that you can cast your vote for the top stock each month.

These improvements should streamline and liven up the investment league. And your input is always appreciated. Send us your ideas and feedback. Now, on to this month's


Andrew Greta is a project manager for TheStreet.com.