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Man-Clothes in Second Life

Check out these places to find clothing that guys would actually wear.
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(Editor's note: You must have Second Life software installed on your computer to access the addresses below.)

OK, so am I the only guy who's frustrated with the lack of wearable men's clothing in Second Life? Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of clothing available for guys ... if you're into dressing like Father from

The People Under the Stairs


Don't get me wrong. ... I'm sure most guys look quite distinguished in a pair of tight leather pants covered in studs and 35 gigantic gold chains. But if you're not into wearing pants that require you to powder your legs before putting them on, or dressing like you're going to go dangle Vanilla Ice off a hotel balcony, here are a couple of my favorite places to pick up some guywear.

First on my list is

Blaze Fine Fashions. Blaze doesn't have a large selection of men's clothing. In fact, it's mostly known for its women's formals. What Blaze does have, however, is a very detailed, very well made classic power suit and a similarly well designed tuxedo. Both the suit and the tuxedo come in multiple colors that can be mixed and matched with different shirts, ties and vests to create a number of really good formal looks.

One of each and you'll be set for business, dancing or sneaking through a ventilation system with your trusty Walther PPK. "Bond... James Bond." I really love my Blaze suit; in fact I wear it about 90% of the time I'm in-game. Search for "Blaze" or check the Web site for the SLURL.

The second store,

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TheStreet Recommends

Vindi Vindaloo -- Fashion for Men also has tuxes, and a decent selection of Y-chrom compatible threads. But where it really stands out is in its costumes. It's loaded with guy's costumes, and with Halloween coming up it's definitely worth getting this store onto your Second Life radar.

Just a few examples -- I saw a space suit, an alien costume, a great Elvis outfit and even some stranger ones, like a falconer. You know... for those situations that require... um... falconry. You can search for Vindi Vindaloo, though spelling that can be a little tricky, or hit our Web site for the SLURL.

That's also where all of you disgruntled falconers can go place your angry comments regarding me marginalizing falconry. Saves me from Googling my own name to find your blogs, although I'm going to do it anyway. I'm a little vain.

The last store is actually more of a mall. It's called

Macho Murch and it's got a good selection of different types of clothing and accessories for men. When I was there last they had standard, everyday man-coverings, along with some punk, gothic and other styles.

There was also a decent selection of tattoos, eyes, shapes, skins and accessories, including hair from designer Bryce Tully, whose hair currently rests on my fake-world skull.

Basically, it's a one-stop shop for man shopping, which is good because to me shopping is a chore, not an adventure. Search for Macho Murch, or check the Web site for the SLURL.

Finally, wherever you decide to shop, dress for you, not anyone else. Two of the coolest guys I know are a midget butler and a tiny alien. So, above all else, just be you. Anyone who doesn't talk to you because you aren't wearing the right clothes, hair or shape, isn't worth your time. I'll still hang out with you even if you do have "slicker hair."

So until next time, though the clothes make the man, it's rarely the man who makes the clothes. Normally it's adorable, tiny orphans in third world countries. Or oompa loompas.

Will Ross, a Second Life explorer and professional slacker, writes and records the

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