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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

1.) Scam Busters: Typosquatting
Making a typo when you are trying to connect to a web site URL can cost you time and money.
That is because savvy scammers, also known as typosquatters, are capitalizing on your typing mistakes by building up fake sites based on common URL typos.

2.) The Best Summer Jobs

Why not find a better summer job that is fun and rewarding? Here are the top five best summer jobs and where you can find them.

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3.) Scam Busters: False Profits of the Aporkalypse
Swine flu can strike anywhere, even your previously disease-free inbox.
As swine flu mania sweeps the country this week, email scammers are using the nation’s fears as a new means for electronic exploitation.

4.) 5 College Savings Alternatives to 529 Plans
So if you're looking to give more to your child's education (or you want to shop around before settling on a savings plan), here are some other options to choose from.

5.) Skip Grad School and Learn in the Real World
Going to graduate school may feel safer in this job market, and it’s a respectable way to acquire new skills and boost hiring and earning potential. But, as we know, it’s not cheap.