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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

No. 1:  “Don’t Forget About Your Taxes” Coverage
Here at MainStreet, we’re a friend to the vast procrastinating population at large. With Americans’ yearly Tax Day taking place this Wednesday we put together a barrage of last minute help including What A Late Taxpayer Should Do Now and How To File An Extension.

No. 2: Who’s Hiring Now
The overwhelming majority of news coverage recently has been dwelling on corporate layoffs and rising unemployment rates, but we assembled a list of employers who are actually hiring right now and where you can submit your details.

No. 3:  A Youngster’s Guide to Investing Early
Everyone knows that the earlier you invest, the more your stand to save over your lifetime, however actually acting on that knowledge is harder to implement. After reading our youngster’s guide to investing, you will feel empowered to grab the reins on your finances.

No. 4:  Extreme Real Estate: Private Islands
Despite economic uncertainty, a person can always dream of living the high life. However, when contemplating purchasing your own private island, it turns out it might be more affordable than you once thought.

No. 5:   Recession-Proof Small Businesses
There is a group of ‘recession-proof’ businesses quietly weathering the current financial crisis. If you’ve ever thought about starting or investing in a small business, now may be the perfect time to start with these suggestions as your guide.