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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

Story #1 - The MainStreet Happiness Index

The first edition of the monthly MainStreet Happiness Index was released with much fanfare this week. Harleen, our general manager, was interviewed on both ABC’s Good Morning America and MSNBC Live to discuss the rankings. The Index attempts to quantify which states fared the best financially with regard to unemployment, debt, and foreclosure rates. Also, be sure to check out the accompanying slideshow of the Top 15 Most Financially Happy States.

Story #2 – Scam Busters: ATM Skimmers

The notorious “ATM Skimmer” was often thought to be an urban legend of banking insecurity. How could someone possibly get away with sticking one of these fraud devices on a public ATM without getting caught? Well, someone found one out in the wild this week according to the blog, and our staff writer Carl put together these tips on how best to protect yourself.

Story #3 – Cheap Cigarettes and How to Get Them

After the recent cigarette tax hike, smokers are looking for cheaper ways to continue their habit. We put together 6 helpful options to save some cash on your smokes including where to shop online, how to buy generic, and when to hit the road.

Story #4 – How to Stop Worrying
When the economy starts to affect your savings, it can lead to high levels of anxiety. Sometimes the best thing to do is learn how to relax and stop worrying in order to refocus. In this article, we offer some timely advice on how to de-stress and put your mind at ease.

Story #5 – Last Minute Tax Tips for the Procrastinator
Still haven’t finished up your taxes? It’s not too late. While you scrounge for receipts this weekend, you might want to check out our interview with the vice president of TurboTax to read his advice for the final days before Tax Day.