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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

Story #1 - 5 Furnishings You Should Never Buy New
More consumers are looking to buy used goods in order to save some extra cash. But did you know there are some items you’d be crazy to ever buy new? They might surprise you, but these suggestions could get you the couch of your dreams at a fraction of the wholesale cost.

Story #2 –Redneck Bank For Yokels, Non-Yokels

The oddly named Redneck Bank of Snyder, Oklahoma has a comical theme, but their money market accounts and accompanying transaction fees are no laughing matter. If you open a Redneck Mega Money Market Account, you’ll be paying for some serious $5 fees on each check card transaction.

Story #3 – Scam Busters: Google Work from Home Kits
Have you ever seen those ‘Work For Google From Home’ advertisements popping up all over the web? They sound too good to be true, but who couldn’t use a little extra cash for a few hours of web browsing? Our Scam Busters investigation turned out some interesting information that might make you think twice about a curious click.

Story #4 – Extreme Real Estate: Missile Silos
When shopping for a new home, some need four bedrooms; others want a gourmet kitchen or to be located in a top ranked school district. But some folk want their abode to withstand a nuclear or biochemical attack. For these champions of preparedness, we have the ultimate real estate listing for you.

Story #5 – Foreclosure Tip: Removing A Squatter
When one real estate opportunist purchased a foreclosed home for a bargain, he wasn’t counting on some of the extra baggage that was included. Read on for some practical advice on what to do if you encounter a reluctant tenant camped out in your new pad.