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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

1. Want a Luxury Car? They're Getting Cheaper
Learn how the luxury car makers of the world, like Cadillac, Lexus and BMW are all gearing up to move into the more-affordable, so-called “entry-luxury” segment, with scaled-down versions of their now-ample offerings.

2. Recreate Julia's Kitchen in Your Own Home
Julia Child’s Cambridge, Mass., kitchen appears only briefly in "Julie & Julia," but she had an implement for every culinary application. If you’re interested in recreating Julia’s kitchen in your home, we’ve assembled some of the must-haves.

3. The Whole Foods Health Care Boycott Saga
John Mackey, what were you thinking? Recently Mr. Mackey, who’s the CEO and one of the co-founders of Whole Foods (Stock Quote: WFMI), did something which was, in our estimation, incomprehensible. Here’s what happened.

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4. Scam Alert: Opening "Dead" Credit Cards
Death and taxes go together.  What about death and credit cards? Evidence is mounting that identity thieves are using personal information from the recently deceased to open new credit cards. It’s ghoulish, but it’s also stoppable.

5. Proof that 4-Day Work Weeks Really Work!
Utah, unofficially known as the "Footloose" state, is solidifying a call for more of us to "cut loose" from the traditional five-day work week.