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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

1. A Sin Tax on Soda?
We spend $56 billion on sugar-laden soft drinks every year and one federal official wants to tap into that giant pool of cash. He’s proposing a soda tax based on the amount of sugar in a given drink.

2. Recession Sales: Why You Should Buy These
One of the biggest advantages to consumers in a recession is the drop in prices. For some items, it’s like one big sale out there, here are three items that you should consider for your shopping list.

3. More Contaminated Beef?
Burger lovers may have yet another cause for concern this summer. Nearly 826,000 pounds of ground beef are being recalled after regulators said the meat could be linked to a salmonella outbreak.

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4. Free Movies on
If you thought was good (or bad depending on how you feel about procrastination), then could blow your mind. The site streams full-length for free including "A Few Good Men" and "Ghostbusters!"

5. Delta Fall Fare Sale: Book by August 14
Delta Air Lines (Stock Quote: DAL) is rolling out a nationwide fare sale, offering deals through Halloween and into November. The key to saving: Tickets must be purchased by Aug. 14.

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